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Mother Earth Products For Food Storage

Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Foods

Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are the solution to long-term storage, lightweight portability, and to meeting nutritional needs in an emergency.

Packing food for camping and hiking or storing food for emergency preparation can be a challenge. You want foods that are nutritious and that retain their flavor in a backpack or on a storage room shelf. Mother Earth Products offers a large selection of dried produce and freeze-dried foods that are perfect for camping, hiking, or stocking an emergency supply.

Our collections include a huge variety of non-GMO and preservative-free dehydrated and freeze-dried foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and textured soy protein (TSP). You can eat freeze-dried foods right out of the package, add water to dehydrated foods to use them in casseroles and stove-top preparations, or serve them as side dishes for your family meals. Buy freeze-dried foods online here at Mother Earth Products. As your dehydrated food suppliers, we strive to provide a variety of foods that deliver essential nutrients, including protein, healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and flavorful herbs and spices. When you need dried produce or freeze-dried foods, shop Mother Earth Products.

Mother Earth Products Food Storage

We believe you can take Mother Earth Products anywhere: on vacation, activities, world travels; to the cellar, basement, or kitchen table; up to the northern lights and down to the south pole glaciers, to campsites, mountain climbing, and your friend’s house; to your vegetable garden, flower garden, and into the little pots you grow tomatoes in; to sunsets, sunrises, and the high noonday light; for your nutritional needs, long term storage, the stew you’ve been wanting to try, or that smoothie that needs some yummy fruit; and to preparedness and a host of other items. What we love about Mother Earth Products is that it fits into our daily lives, and we hope to share that with you all!

Our pledge to you is, honesty, integrity, and commitment. We commit to provide you with great products in a timely manner.  Attention to detail and efficiency are hallmarks of our business.

At Mother Earth Products, we offer healthy living and convenient meal preparation. Options for using our products are many; either in the kitchen, at the campground or on the trail.  Once of our core objective is for our products to easily fit in your daily life.

We hope to inspire you to live a life filled with creativity and happiness, and at the same time being prepared for anything that may come your way! We believe you can take us anywhere.

We look forward to getting to know you all, and to successfully grow a relationship with you, so we can help you get your kitchen and life better outfitted and prepared with delicious, guilt-free, and tasty foods!