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Nature’s Juice Bar For Food Storage

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As whole as fruit, as convenient as a bar. The Emergency Juice Bar comes in two delicious flavors – cranberry coconut and lime – and is made from simple healthy superfood ingredients designed to keep your energy levels up, even in the most extreme conditions. A propriety wafter encases the juice bar to keep it fresh and juicy for up to 32-months without refrigeration. It’s gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and free of trans fats, additives or fillers. Plus, each bar is boosted with 80 mg of caffeine and green tea extract.

Easily Refuel On the Go

Whether you are backpacking, working out or simply need an on-the-go healthy snack, emergency food bars provide a flavorful boost of energy with life-sustaining nutrients such as protein, potassium and fiber wrapped in a non-sticky, mess-free wafer.

Finding an All-Natural Snack that Won’t Crumble Under Pressure

Nature’s Juice Bar created America’s only all-natural meal bar that’s wrapped in a battle-tested, proprietary tasty wafer that seals in moisture and nutrients for a more flavorful, chewy bar that is always juicy and fresh, never dry or crumbly.

Real Fruit Ingredients

Emergency bars are packed full of REAL, all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients that will stay fresh for up to 32 months. Free of additives, preservatives and trans-fats, our fruit-filled snack bars contain only non-GMO, and vegan ingredients to provide clean nutrition and energy.

What’s Inside?

The Cranberry Coconut Bar Contains


Fiber-rich raisins also provide iron to boost the amount of oxygen carried to your cells.


Brimming with vitamins, cranberries aid in good digestive and urinary tract health.


Naturally sweet, dates provide not only fiber but antioxidants that fight inflammation.

Lime Bar Contains


Promoting overall health, apples act as a prebiotic, lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease.


Promotes quick recovery following exercise, and reduces inflammation and aids digestion.

Rolled Oats

Heart-healthy, rolled oats provide a good balance of filling carbs and fiber.