Ready Supply Foods

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Why Ready Supply Foods?

What you get in all Ready Supply Products

Whether you get a bucket or two, or even a year supply, you can count on quality, convenience and great taste. Because we use freeze dried foods, all that is needed to have a delicious meal is hot water and about 20 minutes. All of our food storage products have a 25 year shelf life giving you the peace of mind that the great taste isn’t coming at cost of quality.

A Word About Quality Standards For Long-Term Storage Foods.

Watch out for companies that use flavor enhancers like MSG, or Autolyzed Yeast Extract, and Soy-based Protein fillers. There are many people with health problems related to these compounds. If those ingredients were in there, we wouldn’t sell those products to you. That’s our promise.Many people are concerned about the effects of GMO (Genetically modified organisms) on our bodies. That’s why Ready Supply Foods only sells certified, non-GMO ingredients. We also store this food for our own families, just like you.

How We Package Our Foods

All the pouches in the kits from Ready Supply Foods are made with a “structured” film incorporating polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene. This pouch provides the best barrier protection available for long-term food storage.

Tests of our pouches have shown an oxygen level between 0.0% and 0.1%. This incredibly low number is the result of the inclusion an oxygen absorber into every pouch.