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Emergency Fire Starters & Supplies

Whether you are on your next big outdoor adventure or you are wet, cold, and homeless because of a tornado/hurricane, fire is hard to come by and yet essential for disaster prep. In cold and wet conditions, chances are you aren’t experienced enough to make the old boy scout tricks work. You want hot food, you need a way to get warmed up, and you need to be able to sanitize water in many cases.

Fire is both a convenience and a necessity. Even if you can manage to strike up a fire with the teepee method, it takes a lot of work and care, and it may not last. If you’re here, you have wasted no time in searching for other alternatives.

With a blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax, InstaFire packs offer a safe and simple solution with a water resistant formula that keeps burning for up to 15 minutes. You can heat up natural disaster food that you prefer hot, or you can use InstaFire to light another bigger fire for longer use if conditions permit. Just light it with a match or lighter and you’re done.

It’s easy to forget about the many benefits of fire unless you’re there in the wind, rain, or even snow without solid walls to protect you trying to light a fire on your own. It is then when fire becomes maybe even as essential as your emergency food supply, and yet we don’t even think about it. Whether you’re outdoorsy or you just like to be prepared, emergency fire preparation can be as easy as packs of InstaFire. In our store, we offer packs of all sizes from a single paper pouch for easy carrying to a 4 gallon bucket to 60 individual pouches you can take with you to use anywhere, any time.