Protein Powders for Food Storage

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Food Storage Protein Powders

Enjoy our line of rice-based protein powder emergency food supply. The protein powders are all-natural, organic, non-gmo, whole food, and taste excellent! They have a 10-year shelf-life and are ready to go right into your emergency preps and into your regular diet plan.

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Protein isn’t just for bodybuilders anymore. It is an integral part of any diet whether you are vegetarian, vegan, a health-nut, an athlete, sedentary person or just crazy about organics. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and these protein powder food storage pouches are full of them! These protein supplements mix easily and thoroughly with a blender bottle or even just with a spoon.

Protein builds and repairs muscles but it actually does so much more. Most parts of our body contains protein even our eyes and hair. There are a whole miniscule 4 calories per gram of protein while each gram of fat contains 9 whopping calories. This is why many weight-loss diets contain ample amounts of protein due to the smaller availability of calories when digested and low likelihood that these calories be converted to body fat due to its structure. Protein, when consumed in conjunction with healthy fats, fresh vegetables, and natural carbohydrates, make for a super food combo.

It is also tough to get an adequate helping of protein from just food alone unless you are following a paleo diet or are really a carnivore. Supplementing with a quality protein shake is a great option to keep your body performing at its best with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair itself in our continuous breakdown process that we live through on a daily basis.