Fruit Powders for Food Storage

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Fruit Powders for Food Storage

Most Americans don’t consume the recommended number of servings of fruit each day. Imagine getting all the highest quality nutrients that non-gmo, organic, and natural fruits provide in a liquid form available in any season and any time of the year that tastes great and doesn’t even need a blender. If this is something you’ve ever thought or dreamed about then you have definitely found the right products.

These powders taste great as-is but also make a great addition to various deserts such as ice cream, yogurts, baked goods, soups, sauces, on salads, cereal, toast and on and on. There is no limit to how these fruits can add vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and taste to your diet or meal plan. Many have suggested to add them to juice and the morning smoothie for added nutritional value and palatable goodness.

The drying process of the fruit powders we sell is impeccable and nutrients are retained at an amazing level. First the fruits are pureed, then they are flash freezed and allowed to dry. This process have proven to yield the highest amounts of nutrients over any other method tested. There are no colors added, flavors or preservatives of any kind added to these powders. These powders come in many favorite and exotic varieties of fruits such as: Acai, blueberry, mango, and raspberry.

Nobody ever said “”I was too well prepared for that tornado, hurricane, or tsunami.” Even job loss can cause a frenzy and problems within a family and marriage. Adding our dehydrated fruit powders to your food storage and emergency supplies will get you ten plus years of worry-free preparations so fill your pantries and stock up now to be prepared for any natural disaster or emergency that may come your way. Avoid the craziness and get ready now.