Granola for Food Storage

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Granola Food Storage

Granola is an easily storable food that is recognized for its high fiber and other nutrient density. Granola isn’t just used in food storage.  Obviously granola bars can be easily stored and carried, and they tend to stay good for long periods of time. However, it can also be found in its basic form as well as in cereal.

There are various types of granola, and it can be easily combined with honey and other sweeteners as well as nuts and raisins. These can add taste and make it more appealing to kids, and more importantly, it requires no cooking.

Even if you only need survival kits for a few days, granola has numerous health benefits for its users. It can aid in digestion with its high fiber, and it combines well with fruits and vegetables, especially freeze dried or dehydrated fruits like those you might find in many food storage kits.

If eaten on a regular basis, granola can also lower cholesterol, strengthen your body, and prevent certain types of preventable disease.

Of course, many on the go granola bars can be packed with too much sugar.  So you may benefit from making your own granola bars at home.  They are easy to make, and if you have the basic granola we offer, you can easily follow many of the recipes available online. As it turns out, granola can be an ingredient in all sorts of things.

So how much granola do you need in your emergency food supply? It depends on how prepared you want to be. If you stick to 72 hour kits, then you only need a little.  If you really want to be prepared though, granola can be a major staple and one of the healthier ones in your food storage.