Vegetable Powders for Food Storage

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Vegetable Powders for Food Storage

It’s no mystery that most of us don’t get the recommended allotment of vegetable servings on a daily basis and lets face it some people just don’t like to eat veggies for one reason or another. Most people love the taste, the crispness, and the aroma of fresh vegetables but many also despise those very things. For the second group of people we have all-natural vegetable powders.

We’ve also found a solution to both emergency food storage variety and daily nutrition and even for those picky eaters. What we’ve come up with is very close to eating fresh veggies right out of your organic garden.

Our vegetable powders come in a great variety: Pumpkin, spinach, carrot, and many more. They mix easily in just about anything and have a great shelflife.

The drying process of these vegetable powders is second to none. The vegetables are first gently mixed into a puree, then they are quickly freezed, and finally dried at low temperatures. This unique process allows the vegetables to maintain most of their nutritional value. These powders contain zero preservatives, flavorings, fillers, and colorings. They taste great by themselves, added to smoothies, protein shakes and mixed into just about anything from deserts to soups to meals.

You’ll want to stock both your pantry shelves and emergency preparation bunkers with these great fresh vegetable alternate products.