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Quiet Electric Emergency Generators

The power goes out and you don’t have a flashlight. Whether this is a simple power outage or a serious disaster, you are stumbling around and power is what you need. It’s not ideal, and you don’t want to be stuck up a tree trying to find a hotel or even paying to stay in a local restaurant while you wait it out (and that’s if it’s just a power outage).

In an ideal situation, you wouldn’t have to deal with this. However, all things considered, a generator can be just the thing to have in your survival kits.  An emergency food supply is important, but a generator can get you back on the map. Whether gas powered or a hand crank, we provide options that will fit your home and lifestyle so that you are prepared when you need it.

We even have solar powered options and those that can be charged straight from your wall beforehand. The peace of mind of knowing that you have a power source in an emergency can make all the difference, and it puts you a step ahead of your neighbors and friends who aren’t as prepared. The peace of mind of many alternative options can be essential in the event of an earthquake. In other words, you don’t have to worry about gas problems.

In the event of a blackout, especially in colder winter months, it can be rough, especially when you have to wait for your house to heat up again. Check out the Lion Energy L-1500 and the Renogy Firefly for portable power options.

You can store your generator in the convenience of your home or out in your garage or storage shed.  Just make sure it’s somewhere you can easily access in an emergency so that you don’t have to struggle too far in the dark to get it.