Solar Panels

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Solar Power for Emergencies

Lion Energy 1500 Watt Expandable FTB 50 Ascent Solar Generator Kit with 3 Panels & Expandable Battery Pack-2333When propane generators started integrating themselves into emergency survival kits, it was a big step in the right direction. People finally had a way to heat their homes, provide light without potentially dangerous fire, and even cook or heat up emergency food supply. Generators, lights, and other power sources quickly became a valuable part of emergency prep.
However, no one really likes the risk involved with any gas source or the cost of charging a power generator. No one likes paying for new propane or gas all of the time. That’s where solar power comes in.  Solar generators are cheaper than ever before, and they can charge themselves.  The sun will come out eventually, and they practically take care of themselves. With no gas or propane, there is no risk of leakage or dangerous fires. In addition, our solar panels fold up for easy and convenient storage.

We provide various solar options with varying prices for every budget, and the extension cord that connects to emergency stoves, light sources, etc. is non-intrusive and extends to make sure that you can put your solar power source in the best possible spot.

The quicker you can get a new power source, the less likely you are to lose food that is in your refrigerator or a comfortable temperature in your home. Even in the event of a short power outage, power is essential, and solar sources provide cheap, ready to use, and safe alternatives to many past options that you may be used to.

You can finally expect more, and with today’s technology, we expect to see many more improvements in solar technology. Of course, we will stay up to date and do our best to always provide you with the latest and best options in solar power and anything else that may improve your emergency prep.