NutriChef Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator Machine – 900-Watt Premium Multi-Tier Dryer w/ 10 Stainless Steel Trays – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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  • Food-grade Stainless Steel and Glass Front Door
  • 10-layer Living Drawer(15.5″ x 15.34″)
  • Electronic Probe and Timing Temperature Control
  • 360° Hot Air Circulation
  • Large Capacity with 10 trays and Up to 13 lbs. of Food Dehydrates at once
  • Switch Door Magnetic Induction
  • Built-in Rear-mounted Motor and Internal Fan Circulates Warm Air
  • Easy to Store and Clean
  • Safe and Quiet to Use
  • Touch-Control LED Display
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Memory Functions
  • Includes Overheat Protection
  • Included Mesh Screen & Fruit Roll Sheets
  • Free Recipe Book with 50 Original Recipes
  • Adjustable Time and Temperature
  • Perfect Way to Preserve Fruit, Snacks, Vegetables, Bread, Flowers and more
  • Automatic Shut off when timer is done
  • Transparent Door allows you to easily monitor progress
  • Air Flow: Horizontal (back to front)”


  • ELECTRIC PRESERVER: Finally, a multi-tiered countertop electric food dehydrator that can preserve varieties of food! It produces nutritious food with very simple preparation. Prevent food to spoil and go to waste with the new NutriChef food preserver
  • 10-TIERED DRYER TRAYS: Comes w/ 10 food grade stainless steel trays or dryer rack. Can also be used to dry food without the use of the dehydrator. Since the trays are removable, they are very easy to clean. Also includes mesh screen & fruit roll sheet
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Uses electronic probe & temperature control for food preservation (95-170F). Dehydrates & preserves meat like the famous beef jerky. Produces organic healthy snacks by dehydrating fruits/vegetables to make potato/kale chips, etc
  • TOUCH-CONTROL DISPLAY: Equipped w/ touch control LED display, auto shut-off, memory function & switch door magnetic induction. Features glass door along w/ built-in rear-mounted motor & internal fan designed to prevent the appliance from overheating
  • HIGH HEAT CIRCULATION: The 360 hot air circulation effectively dries food by removing moisture content. It shrinks the food but still retains 97% of vitamins and minerals. Scientifically tested to increase food shelf life w/ high heat circulation

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