Survival Tabs – Vanilla – 24 Tabs – (SHIPS WITHIN 5-9 WEEKS)


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Survival Tabs Vanilla Flavored Packs Survival Tabs Survival Food Tablets “Your Emergency Nutrition Aid”. These ready-to-eat tablets are high in calories while providing protein for strength, fat for endurance and lactose for fast energy. Gluten-Free and Non-GMO, each resealable pouch contains 24 chewable tablets with 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 essential vitamins and nutrients needed on daily basis. Made with the highest quality protein formula to help your body assimilate as much as possible when consumed resulting in 99% of the calorie content being absorbed and 97% of the protein content being available to help repair muscles, nerves, etc. Inspired by NASA and its space program, these Survival Tablets were made for hiking, camping, biking, fishing, hunting, emergency and survival situations and more. Lightweight, mobile and easy to store in home, office, boat, auto, RV, bag or backpack. Don’t get lost or be on the move without them. A must have for any bug out bag! Made in USA! Survival Tabs Survival Tablets have an extended 25-year shelf life. Directions: Take one tablet approximately every hour up to twelve hours daily. It is safe to take more than the recommended serving size. However, planned rationing may be reduced by additional consumption. One package will sustain an average person up to two days. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Avoid excessive heat and exposure. Keep container closed when not in use. The pouch packaging also eliminates light sensitivity and decreased shelf life. Twelve 3.9 grams of The Survival Tabs contains: Fat 25%, Protein 9%, Carbohydrates 58%, Iron 18 mg. (as Ferrous Fumarate), other minerals, 2% (from milk solids), and the following vitamins in percentages shown of their USRDA adult allowance. There are approximately 20 calories in a 3.9 gram The Survival Tab.


  • Delicious Chewable Survival Tabs Containing 100% of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • A Must Have for Hiking, Camping, Biking, Fishing, Hunting, Emergency or Survival Situation!
  • Five Packs of Vanilla Flavored Survival Tabs. 24 Tabs PER Pack.
  • Ready-to-eat Tabs are High in Calories and Provide Protein for Strength, Fat for Endurance and Lactose for Fast Energy.
  • 25 Year Extended Shelf Life, Non-Gluten and NON-GMO, Made in the USA

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Survival Tabs

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