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Augason Farms eQuenchal Water For Emergency Storage

eQuenchel Water

Augason Farm’s eQuenchel Water is a great-tasting and planet-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. The 30-year shelf life means you can enjoy a refreshing drink today or stock up on the water you need to get through any emergency or survival situation.

Why Is eQuenchal Essential?

Humans can live without food for a few weeks, but we must have clean water for drinking within three days, which is why water storage is a critical investment. As we know, supermarkets quickly sell out of water, making preparedness very difficult to accomplish as the emergency is happening. And in many emergencies, supermarkets are impossible to even reach. To ensure your family has the water they need, stock up on eQuenchal before you find yourself without any other options.

30 Year Shelf Life?

Augason Farms starts with municipal water and runs it through eight stages of purification:

  1. Sand Filter
  2. Charcoal Filter
  3. 5-Micron Filter
  4. Reverse Osmosis Stage One
  5. Reverse Osmosis Stage Two
  6. 0.3-Micron Filter
  7. Ultra-Violet Treatment
  8. Ozone Sterilization.

Next, the purified water is sealed in BPA-free lined aluminum cans. We lab tested 45-year-old water and it’s 100% safe to drink.

How Much Emergency Water Do You Need?

As a general rule of thumb, preparedness experts recommend that we prepare for a minimum of one gallon of water per person, per day. That’s two quarts for drinking, one quart for cooking, and one quart for hygiene. For example, a family of four will need approximately 12 gallons of water—that’s 5.5 cases—to get through a 72-hour emergency. For emergencies lasting seven days, the same family will need about 12.5 cases of water. Also, don’t forget, you’ll want to have plenty of water to keep your pets well-hydrated. Water is a critical investment for anyone who cares about food and water security.

  • Crisp, clean, and fresh-tasting emergency drinking water
  • Can Use To Stock up for shelter-in-place and evacuation emergencies
  • Purified using an eight-stage purification process
  • 30-year shelf life (based on optimal storage conditions)
  • Infinitely recyclable cans
  • No leaching and zero deterioration from sun and heat
  • Great For drinking and hydration, emergency food preparation and clean up, personal hygiene, evacuations, shelter-in-place emergencies, emergency preparedness away from home, workplace emergencies, outdoor exploration, road trips, and more.