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KJ Poultry Precooked Kosher Meals

Our Story

In 2003, a group of individuals from Monroe, New York embarked on an extraordinary mission to launch a brand new poultry company and produce a product with the highest kashuras standard. In addition, they wanted to fill a void felt by customers in the kosher poultry market.

The original plant opened in 2003, but was small with a maximum processing capacity of 4,000 chickens per day. When local kosher consumers began clamoring for their limitedly produced product, customer demand exceeded expectations. As demands for our poultry product continuously grew, we responded by expanding the size of the plant, installing new technologically advanced equipment, increasing the number of full-time workers to over 250, and added more Shochtim to meet these demands. Daily production then increased up to 40,000 chickens per day.

Today, KJ Poultry is a household name that is synonymous with high kashrus standards, uncompromising adherence to the Halacha with a superior taste and quality.

The Brand

At KJ Poultry Processing, the number one principal is every product sold bearing the KJ Poultry brand name, and rabbinical kashrus supervision of Rabbi Berkowitz shall meet the strict exacting kashrus standards dictated by the Shulchan Aruch, or demanded by stringent kosher consumers. There are no exceptions or compromises to this principal! Even the most difficult production demands do not compromise the kashrus standard, ever!

Our Standards

KJ Poultry Processing is continuously under kashrus supervision including the supervision of Rabbi Berkowitz from Monroe, NY, Star K kashrus organization, and the Orthodox Union (OU), whose symbols proudly adorn each product.

USDA inspected facility.

Our operations are conducted in an up-to-date United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected facility. Commitment to delivering the highest quality products with the highest kosher standards under strict Rabbinical Supervision to each supermarket shelf and customer is our priority. Each kosher supervisor and rabbi ensures that all superior standards of kashrus are met. Many of our non-rabbi and kosher supervisory positions are members’ of the Kiryas Joel community. Each rabbi and kosher supervisor overseeing the kashrus process are highly skilled in kosher techniques consistent with kosher law.