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Humless Power
Humless started in March of 2008. Glenn Jakins wanted a generator that would charge quickly and store enough power to run lights, computers, cell phones, or a refrigerator for several days. Through this need the idea behind the Humless line of silent generators was born.
Humless Power uses advanced lithium battery technology, is environmentally friendly, and can be used for the following:
Backup power
Camping generator
Emergency planning
Secondary power
Solar generator
Alternative power source
Solar portable power
Emergency battery
Silence-on-the-set generator
Disaster relief
Their generators are portable and it is safe to use them in tents or indoors unlike gasoline or diesel-powered generators because they are electric and don’t emit harmful fumes or even make noise. You can even use the generators to safely run most CPAP machines on either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC.) You should check with your manufacturer and test first though before an emergency outage strikes. You can use the Humless generator and charge it at the same time making it even more useful. To charge you can simply plug it in and/or use solar panels, hand crank generators, water or wind mills, steam engines, etc. The generators will hold a charge for approximately 12 months when fully charged but it is recommended to use them frequently and fully recharge them every 3-6 months. The battery life on the battery pack is rated at 10+ years and rated at over 2000 charges.
Humless was recently awarded best of Show at the Self Reliance Expo in Salt Lake City, UT and was quoted to be “A mecca for emergency preparedness.”
If you are looking for home energy independence, power for a camping trip, or preparing for an emergency, Humless Power is the best and most reliable choice especially when there really aren’t any gases or toxic fumes to worry about.
Humless Sentinel User Manual