Beans for Emergency Food Storage

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Emergency Beans For Home Food Supply

An emergency doesn’t have to be a hurricane or another natural disaster. It could be something as simple as losing power and gas in your home, which would prevent you from cooking or preserving regular foods. You may not need complete survival kits, but a little food storage can be a lifesaver. Variety is essential, but many are keeping their pantries and food storage stocked with beans.

A key part of many easy to make meals, beans can be prepared with no cooking involved. Beans can be freeze dried, canned, or even dehydrated, leading to a longer shelf life for easy emergency preparation. Full of protein and other essential nutrients, you will never suffer from a lack of choices or variety. For vegetarians or meat eaters alike, beans provide a healthy alternative to meats that may easily spoil when not properly refrigerated or preserved. Spoiled food of any kind won’t do you much good.

Finally, beans are an inexpensive food source for both us and you. You can get delicious and diverse beans at a fraction of the cost of freeze dried meats, and they add bulk to your recipes for filling meals that take up less room.

Whether you prefer black beans, pinto beans, or other beans, we offer kits that combine these beans with other essential staples like rice, Wisconsin mac & cheese, Potato soup, and other ready to eat meals. What’s more, we offer substantial buckets to cover your entire family’s needs both in bulk and individualized packets designed for a variety of tastes. Once you have decided which bucket of beans you want, the more you buy, the more you save. We offer individual buckets and as many as 16 depending on your needs and how you plan to use your emergency food supply.