Meals for Food Storage

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Emergency Meals

If you’re using your food storage to fill in during hard financial times, you may still want base ingredients to make your own recipes. If you’re working your way through your food storage, changing it out every few months, again, you may want the ingredients to make your own meals. However, if you’re stressed out or under pressure in an emergency, you will want meals that are prepared and ready to go.

If you can open a package with ready-to-go meals, you can focus on other essentials such as restoring power, light, and pulling together other essentials and important family pictures and other items you don’t want to lose.

With our meals, you get a variety ranging from rice and bean mixes to cereals with freeze dried or dehydrated fruits. We would recommend mixing it up, not only to fulfill all of your nutritional needs, but to maintain variety that will make it easier to want to eat from your food storage.

We offer large packs for long term food storage, or you can pack them into smaller 72 hour survival kits for each family member. It simply depends on what you feel your family needs.

Preparation is key when it comes to major disasters or even everyday emergencies or inconveniences. From a temporary power outage to a major tornado, life happens.  Food storage meals come in many forms, and they give you one less thing to worry about. You can get meals that taste better heated up, but in most cases food storage meals require no extra preparation. You just have to open the bag. Some cater more to kids.  Food storage meals in general though are meant to cater to the whole family while meeting your nutritional needs.