Augason Farms Morning Moo’s Lowfat Milk Alternative – 12oz (Pouch) – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)



Discover the excellence of Augason Farm’s Morning Moo’s® Lowfat Milk Alternative, a whey-based beverage that mirrors the taste and appearance of fresh milk. Whether for everyday use or emergency food supply, this rich calcium source is fortified with vitamins A & D, offering a nutritious addition to your pantry.


Easily mixes with water for quick preparation
Lowfat whey milk alternative for a lighter option
Fortified with essential vitamins A & D for added nutrition

What it includes:

Morning Moo’s® Lowfat Milk Alternative: Whey-based goodness with a rich blend of ingredients.


Whey, creamer, nonfat dry milk, sugar, guar gum, vitamin A palmitate, silicon dioxide, vitamin D3.
Contains: Milk, soy.

Mixing Instructions:

Remove the oxygen absorber and discard. Shake or stir the container before use; some settling may occur.
Dissolve the indicated amount of dry product from the chart on your can in a corresponding volume of warm water. Best when mixed in a pitcher or blender. Mix until the powder is dissolved.
Add the indicated amount of cold water. Mix well.

Experience the convenience and nutrition of Morning Moo’s® in your daily routine or emergency preparedness.

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