Frog & Co. EDC Survival Bundle – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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The Frog & Co. EDC Survival Bundle is your go-to solution for emergency preparedness, featuring a robust assortment of 21 essential tools packaged in a durable, waterproof container. Weighing a mere 1.6 pounds and measuring 8″ x 4.75″, this compact and lightweight kit is indispensable for every vehicle and go bag.


Weight: 1.6 lbs
Dimensions: 8″ x 4.75″


1 Waterproof Box
1 Pocket Bellow
1 Flashlight
1 Survival Bracelet
1 Water Bottle Clip
2 Sterile Gauze Pads
1 Set of Band-aids
1 Alcohol Pads
1 Wire Saw
1 Fire Starter
2 Screwdrivers
1 Fishing Kit
1 Tactical Pen
1 7-in-1 Multi-Use Spork
1 Folding Multi-Tool Knife
1 Emergency Blanket
1 Compass
1 11-in-1 Credit Card Size Tool
1 Carabiner
1 Set of Fire Tinder


21 survival tools in one kit for hiking, camping, climbing, traveling, and more.
Essential emergency gear, including a flashlight, camping knife, golden compass, multifunctional spork, tinder, and band-aids.
Handy survival tools like a screwdriver, wire saw, carabiner, tactical pen, water bottle buckle, hand strap, and gasket.
Stay warm and safe with the ability to start a fire anywhere using tinder, a fire starter, and a pocket bellow, along with an emergency blanket for added warmth.
Find food by catching fish with the included fishhook, lead sinker, fishing line, and bait.
Ideal as a thoughtful and practical gift, providing hours of fun and life-saving potential.
Equip yourself with the Frog & Co. EDC Survival Bundle – because being prepared is the key to survival.

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