Frog & Co. Stealth Tact Shovel – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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Introducing the Frog & Co. Stealth Tact Shovel—an all-in-one survival tool with 12 incredible features. This versatile gear includes a shovel, knife, hatchet, saw, hoe, glass breaker, fire starter, fish scaler, bottle opener, hex wrenches, Phillips head screwdriver, and a watertight compartment for valuables. Its imposing blade and adjustable shaft length make it an intimidating self-defense weapon. The shovel extends to 32.5″ and collapses to just 12″, allowing easy storage in the included camo carrying bag.

Modular sections allow customization for leverage or freedom of movement, secured by a robust “lock-in-place” thread lock system. The Stealth Tact Shovel is user-friendly, with collapsible and expandable features accessible to anyone. Crafted from lightweight 440C steel and ultra-light aircraft aluminum, it weighs a mere 46.4 oz. This survival tool is the ideal addition to your gear collection, offering durability and functionality in one compact package.


12 Tools in 1
Intimidating Self-Defense Weapon
Easy Collapsible Storage
Adjustable Length
Stable and Secure
Easy to Use


Length (Extended): 32.5″ in.
Length (Collapsed): 12″ in.
Material (Head): 440C Steel
Material (Handle): Ultra-Light Aircraft Aluminum
Weight: 46.4 oz.

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