Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Tray Lids

4 customer reviews




  • Great for stacking trays in freezer when pre-freezing food
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures used during the freeze drying process
  • Perfect for saving space in your freezer
  • Use as lids or trays!
  • Slide these directly into your freeze dryer – just like the trays
  • Lids snap directly onto Harvest Right trays (small, medium, large)
  • Non-stick trays that can also divide food into sections

4 reviews for Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer Tray Lids

  1. HC (verified owner)

    The freeze dryer tray lids are a must have for anyone who freeze dries a lot. I like to pre-freeze my foods first and this is the best way to preserve food while it freezes and to make them stackable and easily transportable. It is custom fit and by far beats all the other coverings I tried (plastic wrap, the silicone tray bottoms, second trays). This is a must-have!

  2. Bonnie L Ross (verified owner)

    love these the fit perfectly and the stack on top of each other and is very stable when stacked. , best thing ever.

  3. Darlene

    Used for fruit and overflow food. Great for stacking in the freezer.well made ,thick durable plastic with dividers. A must have for making the process easy,

  4. Margaret Barco (verified owner)

    Having the lids makes the preparation and storage of the food easier and more efficient because one can stack the prefilled trays and freeze them while waiting for the processor to finish it’s cycle. One can transport the food without spills or leaks.

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