RADTriage Radiation Dosimeter – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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  • RADTriage is the only dosimeter with right dose range to instantly triage the exposure for medical treatment and minimize panic & worry in an event of a radiological incident.
  • Wearable, reliable and fail proof (no moving parts or electronic). Sturdy, ready 24/7 without a battery, reader or maintenance.
  • Unaffected by ambient conditions such as sunlight, humidity, water, temperature and tamper resistant and temper evident.
  • One needs only an eye to read the RADTriage. Other dosimeters require readers and/or software which may not be available /usable after a few years.
  • Small enough (credit card sized) so ~100,000 dosimeters can be stockpiled in a cubic meter of space. Readily deployable in an emergency.
  • Note : Avoid prolonged exposure to UV, heat / sunlight.

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