Ready Harvest Freeze-Dried Whole Food Pineapples – 30 Year Shelf Life – Six #10 Cans – (SHIPS 1-2 WEEKS)


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During unforeseen circumstances, having readily accessible and easy-to-prepare food becomes crucial, saving both time and fuel. Ready Harvest acknowledges the importance of nutrition during emergencies, striving to offer the healthiest food options to maintain strength and mental clarity in stressful situations. Our products are entirely natural, free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. Utilizing freeze-drying or dehydration methods, they can be consumed directly from the container or rehydrated with water. Ready Harvest stands out as a “life-saving” food source and is recognized for providing maximum content in each can, minimizing wasted space and delivering enhanced value compared to other brands.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the packaging. The food is stored in top-notch, secure cans, offering long-term protection against rodents, moisture, and other potential hazards. When it comes to emergency food, compromising on quality is not an option.

  • Exceptional Flavor and Superior Quality – Our snacks are both nutritious and delicious, with no additional ingredients. Through dehydrating and freeze-drying techniques, we preserve essential nutrients while ensuring freshness and texture.
  • Nourishing Snack – Enjoy a tasty and fresh snack that is low in calories, perfect for packing in kids’ lunches or on-the-go consumption. A healthier alternative to less nutritious snack choices.
  • Versatility – Whether for daily snacking, outdoor adventures, or emergency preparedness, our snacks are adaptable. They can be incorporated into various recipes like pot pies, soups, and stir-fries and are suitable for long-term storage in emergencies.
  • Superb Value – We prioritize providing the best value by packaging our food in #10 cans with resealable lids, guaranteeing the highest quality food at an affordable price.

30 year shelf life!

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