Cookbooks for Emergency Food Storage

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Storing, Canning, Freeze Drying, and Dehydrating Food Books

We’ve curated a selection of what we consider to be the best food storage books on the market. Many people think that cook books are just for “old people.” Anyone would be thrilled to own this library of food storage books in case the internet went down or power grid. After all, you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There may be little preparations to be made after terrible something happens. The sense of having cookbooks in the cupboard is very comforting. You’ve probably been stockpiling for your food stores for years for good measure. It’s time to learn how to make many recipes based on what food you’ve been storing.

We know not everyone wants to buy pre-packaged emergency food. If you’re more of a ‘DIYer’ with your food stores you’re going to love The Prepper’s Canning & Preserving Bible or 57 Scientifically Proven Survival Foods to Stockpile.