Long Term Emergency Food Storage Kits

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Long Term Food Storage

Especially in a questionable economy, long term food storage can be essential, even if it’s something you never thought of before.  Whether you have lost your job or taken a pay cut, you need ways to save money. Some families have relied on pre-packaged mac and cheese, spam, or other options that are not necessarily healthy, but they are cheap right now. Do you really want to be that family?
You don’t have to. Emergency food supply is made up of small portions of certain foods.  Long term food storage on the other hand comes with larger stores of often healthy foods, even including freeze dried or dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  Of course, natural disaster food could also be long term, especially if you happen to be in the South or lately, the Northeast Americas. If you have to wait for disaster relief, you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting, and you want to be prepared.
No matter your food storage needs, we recommend focusing on major staples ranging from freeze dried fruits and vegetables to rice, beans, and granola.  All of these are all filled with essential nutrients and filling compounds that will keep you satisfied. We realize that no one wants to need long term food storage. No one wants to have to use emergency food supply period. Denying reality won’t make it go away though. At some point, you have to face that the worst may happen, even to you. We simply recommend that you be ahead of the curve.
If you are, you have more choices. You can decide which foods you want and which ones you don’t. You can look into other tools you may need such as generators, lighting, stoves, and water sanitizers.  You can choose drink mixes that you and your family actually like to drink, deciding what’s important to you.