Frog & Co 360 Degree Portable LED Worklight – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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Introducing the Frog & Co 360 Degree Portable LED Worklight—an indispensable tool for versatile illumination.

Equipped with two potent 10 Watt 1000 lumen COB LEDs, this worklight offers multi-setting flexibility. Switch between top light, bottom light, or engage both for maximum brightness. The 360-degree foldable design allows the COB LED panels to rotate for all-around lighting, with additional stands offering options for hanging, holding, folding, or standing.

Incorporating emergency functionality, the worklight features a USB output on the back of the COB LED panel, transforming it into a power bank for on-the-go device charging. A battery level indicator allows for quick power checks.

Rechargeable through the micro USB port, the high-efficiency LEDs can last up to 5 hours with both in use or up to 8 hours with a single LED. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions, this IP65-rated worklight offers reliability.

Specifications include a weight of 1lb 3.9 oz, TPR material construction, 2x COB LED light source, 20 W 2000 lumens brightness, 5V DC, 1A USB input/output voltage, and a 5000mAh Lithium-Ion battery. Folded dimensions are 7.8” x 5.5”, expanding to 9.25” x 8”. The package includes 1 LED Worklight and 1 USB cable. Enjoy peace of mind with our 6 Month “Any Reason” Refund Guarantee and a 3-year product warranty against defects. Illuminate your surroundings with the Frog & Co 360 Degree Portable LED Worklight.





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