Good to-Go Dehydrated New England Corn Chowdah – Single Serving Pouch – (SHIPS IN 1-2 WEEKS)


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Looking for a hearty and satisfying meal that’s easy to make anywhere? Try Good To-Go’s take on a New England classic – a rich and flavorful stew loaded with sweet potatoes, corn, potato, and onion, and made with bonito flakes for a smoky and umami taste. Packed with protein from the bonito flakes, vitamins A and C from the sweet potatoes, and the energy-boosting benefits of whole milk, this meal is perfect for any adventure. Plus, it’s gluten-free, pescatarian-friendly, and has a 2-year shelf life.

Unlike freeze-dried meals and MREs, Good To-Go’s meals are made using traditional cooking methods and are then made shelf-stable by removing the bulk of the water. This means no added preservatives or chemicals, and a delicious taste and texture that rivals homemade.

And if you want to get creative, these meals are perfect as a base for your own recipes or paired with fresh ingredients and added protein. Just add water, and in minutes you’ll have a satisfying and nutritious meal that’s perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure. Lightweight and easy to store, Good To-Go meals are the perfect choice for anyone looking for real food and real adventure, no matter where their journey takes them. Plus, they’re made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting a local business.

Product will be packaged in pouches, cans, buckets or boxes. The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same exact product listed and carry the same characteristics such as gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, all-natural, etc. Servings per pouch may or may not be exactly the same as shown in the product description but you will get at least as many servings as you order.

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